髪ピタ kamipita 専門店にようこそ 当店はKamipita Japan(髪ピタ 日本)がお届けいたします。 なお、当店は日本で製造後在庫を全て中国で管理しておりますので発送は中国からになりますのでお届けまでにお時間がかかることがございます。ご理解ください。なお当社製品は全て日本で製造されております。 Welcome to pita kamipita hair shop We send you Kamipita Japan. In addition, you can store inventory and management all in China shipping from China, so take your time before it is delivered. Please understand. Note that all of our products are manufactured in Japan. 头发kamipita专卖店欢迎 本店Kamipita Japan送交给您。 另外,本店全部都在中国管理着库存,从中国发送到,到您送到为止需要时间。请理解。本公司产品全部在日本制造。 もちろん髪ピタ(Kamipita Japan)は日本の法人です。 We are Kamipita Japan, a motivated company specializing in non-slip hair holders, Kamipita since 2008. Not only have we got the innovative hair styling tool that is loved by women in every age, we are involved in every step of the production - designing, manufacturing and distributing Kamipita and we can guarantee that they are of the finest quality. We have sold over 3 million Kamipita holders globally and with satisfied customers all over the world, we are thrilled to be a part of the hair industry.