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髪ピタ Kamipita &東京ハイジ ボウロ  ミニリボンサイズ 60*30mm

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  • ミニリボン グリーン

  • ミニリボン パープル

  • ミニリボン ブラック

  • ミニリボン オレンジ

  • ミニリボン イエロー

  • ミニリボン スカイブルー

  • ミニリボン ピンク

髪ピタ Kamipita &東京ハイジ 日本製 リボンサイズ 60*30mm Kamipita&東京ハイジのデザインコラボです。 Description Kamipita is the new cute hair styling tool that allows you to hold your hair in place without clipping! Kamipita is a must-have hair accessory – finally, an all purpose styling tool that allows you to create the perfect messy bun, knotted updo, and more. Throw out your traditional clips and pins, use Kamipita to style your hair instead. Simply press Kamipita on to hold your hair into a variety of hairstyles for casual or formal occasions. Kamipita is totally comfortable, easy to use and stays on all day. Velcro that was uniquely created for this product holds hair securely and it works with all hair types. With multiple colors and designs to choose from, Kamipita makes it easy for you to add a statement to your hair & glam it up. Features  ✓ No Clipping Necessary Kamipita comes in cute design with soft, uniquely created velcro to hold your hair securely into a variety of cute hairstyles. ✓ All Purpose Styling Tool You can style your hair with Kamipita just as you would with hair clips and barrettes and elevate your everyday updo! You can also use Kamipita to hold the hair in place while you're washing your face, putting on makeup, eating, exercising and more. ✓ Multiple Colors and Design Kamipita comes in thousands of colors and designs, so you can choose your favorite style. Match it with your kids and friends to double the fun. ✓ Securely Hold Hair with New Kamipita Headband We now offer Kamipita headband - super comfortable, no-crease and non-marking headband with the same Kamipita technology. Velcro used on the back of the headband holds hair securely and softly, without being too tight. Its lightweight, flexibility and wide surface area gives all day comfort. ✓ We Welcome OEM Orders OEM orders are welcome on our products. OEM orders for brands, designers, manufacturers and retailers are welcomed and our experienced team will be happy to assist you. 1. Style your hair to perfection with Kamipita 2. Stop clipping, start gripping 3. Throw your hair up in styles with Kamipita 4. The most comfortable hair styling tool 5. The easiest way to hold hair in place - Kamipita 6. From fun to functional, Kamipita keeps hair in place 7. No hairstyle is complete without Kamipita hair grip 8. Look instantly polished with Kamipita - very little effort required 9. Get your hair out of your face with just one touch